• Verify operation of throw out bearing
  • Check clutch cable connection
  • Open up shift area and inspect and clean
  • Clean transaxle
  • Change oil with SAE 90 hypoid gear oil - Nice quick video
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Got a very detailed Chilton's manual with the car that has great info on dis-assembly and maintenance of this vehicle that is going to help a lot. 


Remove engine:

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VW Bug's are pretty easy to come by, but my concern was locating one that had not lived through our Ohio winters and salt for the last 40 or 50 years.  I'm mechanically inclined, but do not want to deal with rebuilding / repairing the body and structure of a rotted out vehicle before the conversion.  I'm looking forward to designing, wiring, and programming, and tuning this vehicle.  Everything else is a chore that I want to minimize!

The Super Beetle is a little larger than the standard Beetle (~2").  In 1973 the front window curves out witch makes the interior a little bigger, and there is some space gained in the luggage area. The Super also has an improved suspension system (from a torsion beam front axle to a MacPherson strut front suspension), so I was leaning towards this model for the build.

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