Item   Date Complete Man Hours
General clean up / get organized   1/1/2020 4
Get PA title (not possible without being PA resident)    n/a  
Remove engine   1/10/2020 4
Test new DC motor   2/25/2020 1
Breakdown New DC Motor   2/29/2020 3
Detailed measurement and model of motor, flywheel, and trans for connection design   4/1/2020  1
Rebuild/tune up transaxle      
Remove clutch assembly from motor   4/1/2020  1
General clean up of motor area   4/15/2020  2
Remove gas tank, and rough clean of area   2/19/2020  4
Debug existing wiring and ID interface signals   7/1/2020 3
Measure and model:      
- Back seat area for battery storage/sub woofer      
- Engine compartment for motor and controller mounting   6/1/2020  2
- Engine compartment for sheet metal / plastic covers      
- Front trunk for future battery area      
Design motor, clutch, and tranny connection assembly   7/1/2020  40
Order motor mounting      
Preliminary controls / wiring plan   7/2/2020  4
Document detailed parts list (initial and future)      
Design battery box and controls mounting      
Decide how to handle existing wiring      
Buy batteries, motor, and controls in order to complete and verify designs      
Buy mounting fabrications      
Assemble all      
Test run      
Get Ohio Title      
Add fancy controls and features      
Rebuild braking and suspension systems      
Restore vehicle