The Chilton's manuals I have do not go into good detail about all the existing Bugs wiring.  For example, the key switch specifics are pretty lacking / incorrect -- one page lists the "Start" wire as Blk, and another lists it as Yel/Blk.  That seems incorrect.  Also, no mention of the "On" wire color.  And no mention of the 50 other wires exiting the steering column!  So on to other resources....

Found a mention of another brand of service manual (Bently, found this one), but before buying with fingers crossed, going to look at alternatives.  


Jackpot!!!  At first glance, looks like this will clear up everything!  Clear wiring, detailed symbols, test points, and a detailed key that even includes fuse descriptions!  This is awesome (assuming it's correct for my 73 super..fingers crossed)!!  Found from here:

Before my edit above:

Found this from for a 72:

Key switch Operation:

And some notes from a post here:

  • Looks like Red 4.0 mm is incoming power
  • With the ignition switch in the ON position, two wires will be shorted and allow current flow. Likely the red (#30) and the black (#15) wire.
  • The black/red (#50) wire should not be connected to anything in this position.
  • Turn the key and hold it in the START position, all three wires should be connected together (red, black, black/red). This is how the red wire powers BOTH the ignition (#15) and the starter solenoid (#50).
  • The grey wire is optional and may be either grounded or powered while the ignition is OFF with key IN. This would set off a door buzz

Going to put a battery in her this weekend, bust out the meter, and do some testing to at least figure out the key switch and how I'll integrate it with the Zilla controller.